#1 in Tasmania, #5 in Florida and #14 on Worldwide iTunes Charts vlcsnap-2017-03-15-20h01m38s837.png

Original Song: Summertime. WATCH HERE


#5 on Worldwide iTunes Charts- Inbetween Keith Urban and Dixi Chicks poster2.png

Original Song: I Just Want to Love You. WATCH HERE


Title track to debut album – SAMI- Every Passing Minute. Sami Cooke Video Shoot - Every Passing Minute 2014   (23)-137.JPG

Original Song- Every Passing Minute- WATCH HERE


#10 in Australia in MusicOZ awards for Songwriting
Anti-bullying song

Sami - Millard Centre, Still Searching Video Clip Photos @ Young 14   (389).JPG

Original Song- Still Searching- WATCH HERE


SAMI’s first film clip.
Original Song- Click of Her Fingers- WATCH HERE