Read through my ‘home’ page to view quite a few stories about my tours. Below are samples of written work for my assessments. I have received Distinctions and High Distinctions for the following works.

For my second elective, I chose to study Journalism. This task was very broad- To write a feature article about basically anything, and to include an interview with someone. I chose to write this article about marriage equality.
Marriage Equality in Australia. What’s Going On?

After prepping to write a fiction short story, I then moved on to writing my first draft and the final edit. This was my first time writing a fiction story since school. My task was to create a story and use at least one literary device in the story, then to upload it to my portfolio. Word length: 800 words
William’s Imagination

I completed this task with another distinction for my character description. Write a description of a fictional character

For this assessment, I was given the following brief:
You are a freelance writer. Recently you pitched an idea for a feature article to the magazine supplement of a national weekend newspaper. The magazine is published in print and online. The magazine editor loved your idea, and has commissioned you to write the feature. The article is about a person you met who seemed ordinary until you found out one amazing fact about them.
Here is my final document: An everyday Aussie mastering big feats in the worldwide fitness industry!

I completed the last assessment for the 3rd section of my course; Professional Writing and Editing on Open Colleges. This assessment required me to write the first draft, second draft then final copy of digital content for a yoga website called BettaYogaLife.com.au, making sure I met all the requirements of the brief I was given. My aim was to inform readers about yoga and encourage them to attend the classes.
To read my final draft for the website above, click here: BOOST YOUR MENTAL POWER WITH YOGA

To view a sample of my work  from my first assessment earlier in my Professional Editing and Writing course, click below. Here is a media release I wrote in the first study period about new funding for playground equipment. 


Here is an article I wrote for the Young Witness Newspaper about the Tamworth Country Music Festival. It printed out to be a two page article, including pictures.

2016 Tamworth Country Music Festival