How to Pack Like A Pro – Under 7 Kilosaddb.gif

As a musician, I’m regularly asked how I pack for long stints on the road. I now consider myself a bit of a pro when it comes to packing my bags lightly when traveling…
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Captivated by Byron BayP9230002.JPG

To me, there is no better feeling than the first big, early morning stretch in my van as I slowly wake up and take in my surroundings. When I peel back that curtain to take my first look of the morning and the place I woke up in. Traveling is something I was born to do and experiencing new places is definitely a massive bonus from my work….
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10 Exercises for a Full Body Workout OutdoorsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The weather is changing and we are loving being outdoors in the sun again. With the spring weather here, it is a huge reminder that bikini season is starting so skipping your gym session to go out with your friends won’t get you any closer to reaching your fitness goal….

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Dog Beaches & Parks in NewcastleP9120390.JPG

When I have my two best friends with me, my day is complete. The one thing that attracted me the most to Newcastle is the beaches. Growing up in the country, it’s incredible to live so close to this much water and sand…

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How To Stay Motivated Without The Gym16998761_1655110037848842_66668715949425573_n

Want to quit the gym but worried about making yourself motivated to workout without it? You are where I was four weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong, gyms are great but they are also costly. If you added up the $70 month then think about what you could use that money for if you weren’t paying for the rent of the building and equipment. I’m sure you’d start reconsidering your membership…

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Snowboarding in Thredboreceived_1660930917274730.jpeg

Taking my first step out of the car in the Thredbo resort, it was pure magic to look up at the heavy white clouds and watch the delicate snowflakes fall. I don’t think we could have raced across the car park to the check-in area quick enough!…

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Relaxation on the Sunshine Coast20170814_064418

There is nothing better than packing one bag, finding the cheapest and earliest flight, and heading up to the Sunshine Coast for five days…

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The best 6 weeks of my life! Part 1

FB_IMG_1496795014022 After traveling to Canada for my very first international tour last year in July, I got bitten by the international travel bug. Sure I’ve lived on the road for a year in Australia, and I have traveled 60 per cent of my country (And LOVED it), but the feeling I got by being on top of the world at one of the highest peaks in Banff, Alberta Canada, at Sulfur Mountain lookout (Elevation of 2,451m) is just so indescribable, I longed to go back for my second Canadian Tour…
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The best six weeks of my life… Part 220170623_111430.jpg

Before you begin reading this section, make sure you have read Part 1.
After spending four days in the Okanagan Valley, it was time for us to start up that ’76 Chevy and travel on to my next gig in Sicamous BC. It was my brother Mitchel’s 23rd birthday in Australian on the 24th June and then again in Canada on the 24th June. He was so lucky as he did get two birthdays due to the time differences in both countries! We decided to make the whole weekend a party for him, so over the weekend, we let each person we met know it was his birthday. Obviously, he didn’t feel much like hiking on the Monday!! …
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Escape from Reality

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you ever needed to escape from your everyday life? Is the thought of relaxing in a tropical paradise drumming in your mind or are you longing for new experiences like a different culture? Well, I have the perfect place for you…

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Through the eyes of a musician- Tamworth Country Music Festival 2017

20170128_080735The New Year brought along the 45th Tamworth Country Music Festival starting January 19- January 29th. This ten day festival kicked off with a bang with over fifty thousand people from all over Australia, and the world, traveling to the one destination to experience Australia’s best in country music…

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