Relaxation on the Sunshine Coast

There is nothing better than packing one bag, finding the cheapest and earliest flight, and heading up to the Sunshine Coast for five days.


As I write this, I am sitting back home on my little couch, laptop resting on my lap, tele quietly on, the pups asleep on the floor, reminiscing about my previous week spent in one of the most beautiful areas on the Australian East Coast; Coolum Beach.

To kick off:
It was an early start for me, especially not being a morning person but I was lucky to have a great friend of mine; Bobby, make me a smooth, creamy porridge for breakfast and rush me to the Newcastle airport at 4:30 in the morning. I thought I’d surely sleep on the plane but there is nothing more indescribable than being above the clouds at 6am, watching the sun rise, revealing the beauty that is down below. I was captivated. (Featured image)

With my eyes fixated out the window, the flight went very quickly. I found it generally relaxing to have an hour and a half without technology; just my thoughts and the view. After I took this photo, I switched my phone back off.

I arrived in Brisbane, with very little knowledge about the distance from Brisbane to Coolum Beach but I was inevitably about to find out. Growing up in the country, I am not very familiar with trains and how to read their schedules so I really felt like a tourist as I walked around the station asking people which train goes where. I caught my train then didn’t know I had to get off it to board another one when I hit Caboolture. I must have looked ridiculous as everyone got off the train while I stayed on the stationary train for a good 20 minutes. It wasn’t until the conductor finally announced that this particular train was heading back to Brisbane, when I got the message and realised I was waiting on the wrong train. I quickly raced across the bridge to the other terminal where my train was 2 minutes away. Lucky!!

The last time I was driving through this area was in 2014 when I lived on the road with my Mum for ten months, touring the Eastern Coast of Australia. I really enjoy living out of a suitcase, traveling full time but getting paid for it through my gigs. It was the best year of my life!

I sat on that train for another hour and a half, reminiscing about the times that we were in these areas. When we went past the impressive Glasshouse Mountains, I remembered this time that I was on the way to a gig but my NavMan took us the complete wrong way and we ended up in the middle of a pineapple farm only ks away from the mountains.

When I finally got off the train, I was met by two of the most beautiful people; my partner Alec and his Nan; Jan. It had only been three days since I saw Alec but it always makes my heart smile when I see him again. He works in WA as a drillers offsider so I am very used to him being away but I much prefer him being with me.

We drove around sight seeing a little on the way to the apartment we were staying at, right across the road from the crystal blue Coolum Beach. Here, I was met with the rest of the family.

While we were there:
Have you ever had a time where you literally shut your mind off. You focus on the company around you, the view in front of you and that’s it. I scrapped my money worries, my work thoughts and just relaxed. We all hung out here, listening to some great tunes; Eagles, Creedence, Beatles, Jimmy etc, eating incredible food, drinking, overlooking the ocean waiting for dolphins and whales to make an appearance, and just catching up with each other.

There was one day when we all decided to separate as the boys went out on an early fishing charter and us girls went sight seeing and shopping in Mooloolaba. This was a really fun day. We all met back at the apartment around the same time. One of Alec’s cousins; Corey, is a chef at a hotel just down the road so when the boys all got home, he cooked up a storm with the fresh fish, salt and pepper squid and salad. Top that off with some of Alec’s Uncle Terry’s home brew and that was perfect.

Time to leave:
As the old saying goes; “Time flies when you’re having fun”, it really happened. I felt like we were only there for a day or two.

My advice:
If you’re in need of a good break, or you want to catch up with family but you’re not sure where to go or not sure of a nice central place… I would highly recommend to rent an apartment or two at one of the blocks right across the road from the beach, over looking the ocean. You have enough room for the family, you have an incredible view and you feel like you’re at home as you still can cook, watch tv, sleep in, etc. Plus, you can never do better than relaxing each morning and afternoon on the deck watching the water.


2 thoughts on “Relaxation on the Sunshine Coast

  1. Jeff Watson says:

    You’ve listed all the reasons we moved from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast more than 32 years ago… and we’ve been on holidays ever since! hahaha


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