Sami’s Canadian tour comes to an end…

Good afternoon everybody, (Well it’s afternoon here in LA)

We have now arrived at the LAX airport awaiting our next flight at midnight through to Brisbane then onto Canberra. It is unbelievable to think that a whole six weeks ago my Canadian tour began. The time has flown by so quickly. This tour has been one of my most memorable experiences and I feel so blessed to have been able to perform in such an amazing country. From the moment I stepped off my home soil, I knew I was headed to another country, yet I felt right at home. Everyone completely welcomed us into their lives and country with open arms. I met some incredible people and musicians that I will be anxious to meet up with in ten months time when I return for my second Canadian tour in June 2017.

This tour commenced on the 26th June 2016 and finished on the 3rd August, when we began our journey home. Throughout our time there, my manager and I visited many towns across Alberta and British Columbia, with me performing 12 shows at; Didsbury, Calgary, Balzac, Banff, Radium Springs, Kamloops and Aldergrove.

So what has this tour actually done for my music career?

PERSONALLY: Well not only did it help me by being able to visit another country and experience that side of life… BUT it has helped me understand my own words when I say; ‘You can never dream too big’ and that ‘I perform music because I love it’. I do live by those words but it just helped remind myself how lucky I am to be living my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better life to be able to do the one thing in the universe I LOVE for a living, travel, write about it and meet/share with other people doing what I do.

CAREER WISE: Before I left for Canada, my co-written song with Sydney musician Steve Deal hit number 5 on the world wide iTunes Country Charts thanks to all of you for purchasing it. You can still purchase the song; “I Just Want To Love You’ for $1.69 on iTunes and request it on CMC Country Music Charts AND watch the film clip on YouTube.

Since then, the song has hit number 18 on the Australia’s radio most played songs which is again amazing so thank you to every radio presenter who played it for their support. You can still help me out by requesting any SAMI song at your local radio station.

While touring Canada, it introduced my music to people who had never heard of me- which is the entire point of touring. By coming to Canada, my bookings for my return tour in 2017 has doubled including new venues due to good reputation.

Not to be vain but it does also give me the title of an ‘International Touring Artist’ which helps a lot!


While being in Canada, I have had my fun too… I flogged a few canucks (Canadians) in pool, i confused the hell of out some by using Aussie slang and scared others by stories about Aussie animals (Those funnel webs will chase ya and watch out for drop bears) haha

I also encouraged many to visit our beautiful country and explained to them about how large Australian truly is. Now with the Aussie dollar dropping so low, I’m sure a few more Canadians will pop over sometime soon.

I have loved Canada but now going back to my beautiful country to continue my touring at home.

Photo taken at the Columbian Icefields, Alberta.DSC04452.JPG

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